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Yealink EXP50 LCD Expansion Module for T53 / T53W / T54W / T57W / T58A
Produttore: Yealink
Codice prodotto: YL-EXP50
Numero di catalogo: 7211
Garanzia (mesi):
Delivery in 48 h.
121,60IVA inclusa
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Yealink EXP50 is a secretarial module designed for the T53 / T53W / T54W / T57W / T58A phones. It is equipped with an LCD display with a resolution of 272x480px (4.3 ") and 20 programmable, physical buttons. Each button has a two-color LED, the device supports 3 pages / tabs of contacts, there are three additional physical buttons at the bottom to operate them. can be connected together, up to a maximum of 3. Remember that if more than 1 module is connected, an external power supply must be used.

The most important features:

  • secretary module for T53 / T53W / T54W / T57W / T58A phones;
  • LCD display 272x480px (4.3 ");
  • 20 programmable buttons with LEDs;
  • three pages of contacts / bookmarks;
  • physical buttons for scrolling pages (one per page);
  • up to 3 modules can be connected.




272x480px resolution

Diagonal 4.3 "

16 bit colors

Ability to display three pages / tabs

Buttons and LEDs

20 physical buttons

Each button is programmable

Two-color LED on each main button

3 additional buttons for page switching

Possibility to program advanced functions such as BLF lists, call parking or LDAP

General properties

The possibility of setting the tapestry

Energy efficiency

Stand with adjustable tilt

Up to 3 modules can be connected

Up to 1 module can be powered from the telephone

2 USB 2.0 ports - data input / output

The USB port also allows you to:

  • connecting a headset
  • WF40 / WF50 WiFi module connection
  • recording calls to a flash drive
Maximum power consumption 1,5 W
Dimensions 196,5 x 124 x 137,5 x 42,6 mm
Compatibility T53 / T53W / T54W / T57W / T58A
Permissible temperature From 0 to 40 °C
Permissible humidity 10%-95%