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Opton OP-FOSC-H2I2O-48 Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure 2IN 2OUT 48F (2x 24)
Produttore: Opton
Codice prodotto: OP-FOSC-H2I2O-48F
Numero di catalogo: 9709
Garanzia (mesi):
9,48IVA inclusa
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The Opton FOSC-H2I2O-48 is a flat optical fiber splice closure with 2 inputs and 2 outputs for cables. Inside, there are 2 splice trays, each with space for 24 splices (total of 48). With this closure, you can connect 2 (or more) fiber optic cable sections. The splices and fibers are protected inside the FOSC-H2I2O-48 from mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions. The closure features a seal and protection for the inputs and outputs, making it waterproof. In the package, you'll find a universal bracket that you can use for wall or aerial mounting.

Flat fiber optic splice closure, 2 inputs, 2 outputs

The FOSC-H2I2O-48 is an optical fiber splice closure designed for splicing 2 or more fiber optic cables. It has 2 openings on both sides for cable entry. These openings are protected against water ingress, and the maximum cable diameter that can be accommodated is 12 mm.

The splice closure is fully adapted for outdoor use and features a seal to protect it from water ingress. The product ensures the protection of splices and fibers against mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions.

2 splice trays (48J)

Inside the splice closure, you will find two splice trays, each capable of holding a maximum of 24 splices, totaling 48 splices. Immediately behind the input/output ports, there are special clamps that allow you to secure the cable and prevent it from moving.

Small dimensions, in-wall mounting

Compared to other solutions, this splice closure stands out due to its compact dimensions of 31.5 x 14 cm. You can install it in locations where other products may not fit. The package includes a bracket (hooks) for hanging the splice closure on the wall or on a line. Mounting screws need to be purchased separately.


Opton FOSC-H2I2O-48F
Output quantity 2
Input quantity 2
Inputs / outputs diameter Max 12 mm
Max splice quantity 48
Splice tray quantity 2
Dimensions 315 x 140 x 60 mm