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Opton Signal Fire AI-10A fusion splicer
Produttore: Opton
Codice prodotto: OP-SIGNALFIRE-AI-10A
Numero di catalogo: 9736
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The Opton Signal Fire AI-10A is a fiber optic fusion splicer designed for SM, MM, DS/NZDS fibers. It supports core alignment and is equipped with 6 motors for precise positioning. The typical splicing time is around 6 seconds, and heating time is around 15 seconds. It features a 5-inch touchscreen display with a maximum magnification of 320x. The splicer includes a built-in visual fault locator and an optical power meter, allowing for basic measurements of the spliced fiber cable. Unlike older models, the AI-10A has an integrated fiber cleaver in the body. The cleaver operates fully automatically, and the fiber is cut automatically upon closing the housing.

The Opton Signal Fire AI-10A features a different housing compared to other Signal Fire splicer models. The body is made of metal and additionally coated with rubber for protection against mechanical damage. The splicer is equipped with a 7800 mAh lithium-ion battery, which is sufficient for approximately 240 splicing and heating cycles. The package includes essential accessories such as a fiber stripper, charger, spare electrodes, alcohol container, and brush. Everything is enclosed in a convenient carrying case measuring 230 x 165 x 255 mm.

Fusion splicer

The offered product is used for fusion splicing of optical fibers using the electric arc method. You can use it for SM, MM, and DS/NZDS fibers. The average splicing time is 6 seconds, and the heating time is 15 seconds, totaling 21 seconds for the entire cycle. The device supports core alignment and has a 320x image magnification capability.

Multiple tools in one

The AI-10A device, in addition to being a fusion splicer, incorporates many other functions. The fiber cleaver is built into the body, serving as an integral part of the AI-10A. Additionally, the splicer features an optical power meter and a visual fault locator, with the connectors located on the side of the housing (on the left side). On the right side, there is a compartment designed to store the fiber stripper. Thanks to all these functions, various tools are housed in a compact enclosure, saving much more space compared to their classic forms.

Small dimensions

During transport, you can enclose the device in a convenient carrying case measuring 165 x 230 x 255 mm. The total weight of the set is 4.5 kg. You can attach a strap to the case, allowing you to hang it over your shoulder. When opened, the top cover can be used as a stool.

Metal chassis

The Signal Fire AI-10A features a metal body housing all the essential components. At the top, you'll find the fiber cleaver, a 5-inch diagonal display, holders, and a heater for heat-shrink sleeves. On the sides of the housing, there are ports for the optical power meter (OPM) and visual fault locator (VFL), as well as a place to store the fiber stripper. Additionally, the entire device is coated with rubber for added protection against mechanical damage.

Precise cleaver

The splicer's housing contains an integrated fiber cleaver designed for cutting optical fibers. It operates fully automatically; once the fiber is placed and the cover is closed, the cutting process is initiated.

Built-in optical power meter and visual fault locator

The offered product features a built-in Optical Power Meter (OPM) and Visual Fault Locator (VFL). The OPM supports 6 different wavelengths: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, and 1625 nm, with a power range of -50 ~ 26 dBm. The Visual Fault Locator has a power of 15 mW, with a maximum range of 10 km. It can operate in two modes: continuous light or flashing.

Multifunctional stripper

In the kit, you will find a fiber stripper equipped with 3 holes. The first one is used to remove the outer coating from cables with a maximum diameter of 3 mm, the second one is for removing the tube, and the third one is for removing the coating directly from the fibers. Additional cotton rolls allow for quick and easy cleaning of the fiber.

The tool stands out for its significantly higher build quality compared to ordinary strippers that are typically included with splicers. The use of appropriate materials ensures long-lasting and trouble-free operation.

7800 mAh battery

The splicer is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 7800 mAh. When fully charged, it is sufficient for performing up to 240 splicing and heating cycles. The battery features a charging socket, allowing you to charge it separately from the splicer. An additional advantage is the external indicator displaying the battery's charge status.

Next to the battery socket, there is a DC socket. By connecting the charger to it, you can simultaneously charge the battery and use the splicer. The kit includes a power adapter 13.5 V DC / 4.8 A.

Automatic heater

The heater operates automatically; once the sleeves are placed inside it and the cover is closed, the device initiates the heat shrinking process. The typical heating time is approximately 15 seconds, and you can manually adjust it as needed. At the back of the splicer, there is a metal tray where you can place the splice for cooling before further work.

3-in-1 holders

The holders in the splicer can be used for drop cables, pigtails, or bare fibers. Depending on the type of cable, it needs to be prepared for splicing and cut accordingly.


Opton Signal Fire AI-10A
Fiber alignment Core or cladding
Motor quantity 6
Splicing time 6 s
Heating time 15 s (typical, can be customized)
Fiber type Singlemode, multimode, DS/NZDS
Fiber diameter 80-150μm
Splicing loss

SM: 0,02 dB

MM: 0,01 dB

DS/NZDS: 0,04 dB

Splicing mode Automatic focus core alignment
Splicing ways Automatic, semi-automatic
Holders 3-in-1 holders for drop cables, pigtail or bare fiber
Cleaver Built-in

Built-in Visual Fault Locator

15 mW power


Built-in Optical Power Meter

Wavelengths: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1625 nm

Power range: -50 ~ 26 dBm

Absolute error: < 0,3 dB


Lithium-ion battery

7800 mAh

Charging time: < 3,5 h

Working time: around 240 cycles (splicing and heating)


320x (X or Y axis single display)

200x (x and Y axis dual display)

Cutting length

Coating diameter: 80-150 μm

Coating diameter: 100-1000 μm

Heat shrink tube 25, 40, 50, 60 mm
Display   5 inch TFT color display screen
External lightning You can connect external LED light to the USB port
Booting time 1 s
Data storage Maximum 1000 records
Mobile device charging The USB port can charge mobile devices such as mobile phones
Software update   Mobile phone APP Internet update, enable Bluetooth synchronization upgrade machine software
Interface USB 2.0 typu A
Return loss < 60 dB
Nominal power supply 13,5 V DC / 4,8 A
Operating temperature -15 ~ +50?
Operating humidity < 95% RH